I’ve been so impressed by the ways my wedding content creation clients in Columbus, Ohio are customizing their wedding day details. And I’m not just talking about the color of linens or the style of stationary. Many of my couples are making an effort to show off their personalities. And it’s not just for their own enjoyment — they want their guests to feel the personal touches from the moment they step foot into their wedding venue. Of course, that’s not to say that all traditions should be ignored. But there are so many way to infuse personal touches into your wedding day to make it a true expression of who you are. Here are seven ways my nearlywed couples will be personalizing their weddings this year.

  1. T-shirt toss — Okay, this is at the top of my list for a reason. I just love it. One of our June couples is truly hosting a party, with cotton candy, light wands — you name it. I have a feeling that every guest will be surprised and excited to walk into their thoughtful reception space. Did I mention that cocktail hour is in a cellar? Just amazing vibes all around.
  2. Surprise wedding — Yeah, you read that right. This wedding is unique being that it is a SURPRISE (technically, the couple isn’t even engaged?). Guests will think they are joining the groom and his loved ones to watch a proposal, only to be greeted with a sign as they enter that says “Welcome to our wedding”. My associate, Tessa, is so excited to capture their reactions!
  3. After party — One of our October couples will be hosting an after party. And get this: they’re renting a tour bus for karaoke! Talk about an experience, amiright?
  4. Ice cream truck — I’m biased because dessert is my favorite meal BUT come on.. this is so fun! One of our July couples will have Little Ladies on site for their reception. As a vendor, you best believe I will be snagging a cone for the road!
  5. Homemade wine as favors — One of our grooms’ father and grandfather make homemade wine; so the couple will be giving away mini bottles to all of their guests, which I find so special and thoughtful. Incorporating your loved ones into your day is a bonus in my book.
  6. Renting a cabin for a weekend — One of our May couples has rented a lodge in Hocking Hills, Ohio for an intimate weekend with close family and friends. I love that this outdoorsy bride and groom are putting so much thought into making their weekend cozy and enjoyable for their loved ones.
  7. Bubble gun exit — Many of the trendy wedding magazines say that the sparkler exists are OUT. And while I personally think what you choose for your day will always be IN, bubbles are definitely a fun twist on the typical reception exit. I can’t wait to capture the fun at our couple’s June wedding!

I’m thrilled to see these styles, vibes, visions and themes come together for my couples on their wedding day. And being able to document it all feels extra special (follow along on Instagram). If you’re searching for a wedding content creator in Columbus, Ohio — submit this form.

Featured image courtesy of Kismet Visuals. Watch BTS from this day on Instagram.

Unique Ways My Couples are Personalizing Their Wedding Day This Year

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