“Unplugged ceremony” signage is a great idea in theory, but most guests will miss the memo (or ignore it altogether!). Read this blog for ways to ensure no phones are in the aisle while you say “I do”.

On wedding day, many couples hope to unplug and be in the moment — and they want their guests to do the same (at a minimum, for the ceremony). Unplugged ceremonies create a more intimate atmosphere, help mitigate any disrupting noise, and offer the day-of media team an unobstructed view for photos and videos. But while “unplugged ceremony” signage is a great idea in theory, most guests will miss the sign (or ignore it altogether!). So how can you ensure no phones are in the aisle while you say “I do”? Read this blog to find out.


Communication is key. You should list “unplugged ceremony” on save the dates and/or your wedding website. But how should you phrase this request? Here are some clever messaging ideas for informing guests before the big day:

  1. “Our talented vendor team will capture how this memory looks and feels with their professional equipment, so that we can all be in the moment instead of on our phones.”
  2. “We’ve hired professionals to capture the memories, but rest assured, we will share the images after the big day.”
  3. “The greatest gift you can give us is to be truly present during our ceremony, so we ask that you please put away your phones and cameras to remain present and take it all in.”

During ceremony

While cute signage doesn’t hurt, your officiant can make more of an impact by sharing an announcement before the ceremony begins, reiterating that the couple would like guests to remain present during this part of the event. (See messaging examples above).

Hot take: you could even ask your officiant to inform guests that there will be specific time set aside for photos, and to refrain from using their devices until that opportunity. After the processional, the officiant can let guests know they’ll have one minute to take as many photos as they’d like and then to put their phones away for the remainder of the ceremony.

Post-wedding day

If you hire a wedding day content creator, you’ll receive hundreds of bite-sized clips perfect for sharing on social media and with guests that encapsulates the day. One request that Wedding Days With Dania has received is to prepare a shared folder with the top 10 iPhone pictures that the couple can forward on to their guests the following day. You know, so your Aunt Lisa can post a “Congratulations” message on Facebook without having to stick her phone in the aisle to capture the photo.

Your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye, and having someone there to capture its entirety means you and your guests get to unplug and take it all in. It also takes the pressure off asking one of your loved ones to be responsible for iPhone footage. If you’re searching for a wedding content creator in Columbus, Ohio — submit this form for a free consultation call. We can’t wait to meet you!

Featured image courtesy of Kismet Visuals. Watch BTS from this day on Instagram.

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