If it’s within your budget, wedding content creation is worth the investment. Here are four of the benefits of wedding content creation.

Imagine waking up the morning after your wedding with an empty camera roll. Or maybe with nothing more than a handful of random videos from one of your bridesmaids — or photos from the uncle who doesn’t understand the concept of flattering angles. Call me impatient, but I don’t want to wait 6-9 weeks to view the magic of the day through my photographers’s lens. I want instant gratification. This is one of the reasons why wedding content creation is so unique.

Wedding content creation is relatively new to the Columbus, Ohio market, but it has become an industry trend in major cities like LA and NYC. A wedding day content creator captures hundreds of candid iPhone photos and videos (think short-form for Instagram Reels, TikToks, etc.) and delivers them the following day.

In this blog, I share 4 benefits of hiring a wedding content creator for your Ohio wedding.

1. Relive the entire day 24 hours later.

Your photographer needs several weeks to deliver their magic. A wedding day content creator shares raw footage the very next day so that you have something to look back on while you wait.

While photographers document how a couple, their guests and the scene looked on wedding day, content creators capture the movement, laughter, music and tears — giving you a complete memory to look back on.

2. Share the memories with guests.

Wedding content creators capture organic footage and compile bite-sized clips (10-20 seconds) that the couple can share on social media, as well as a highlight video (~60 seconds) that will serve as a timeless keepsake both for the couple and for the generations that follow them.

3. Guarantee every moment (including the unexpected ones) is captured.

The bridesmaid you enlist to record the highlights with her phone may not document everything you expected. Wedding content creation gives you peace of mind that every moment is captured.

Wedding content creators are less focused on the overly staged or posed memories, but rather the in-between moments full of emotion. You know, the moments that you might forget if you don’t have a dedicated professional documenting it all.

4. Remain present with your loved ones.

You get to fully unplug and take it all in, and your guests are able to fully immerse themselves in the day. Hiring a wedding content creator alleviates the pressure on loved ones — meaning they get to live in the moment alongside you.


Your wedding day goes by fast. I’m there to make sure no moment goes unnoticed or gets forgotten. On your wedding day, here’s what that looks like: Dancing with your girlfriends while you get ready? Consider the moment documented. Your mom tearing up as she puts on your veil? Consider the moment documented. Your grandma giggling with excitement as you share your vows? Documented. Your partner admiring you during your first dance? Documented. You get the gist.

Wedding content creators use an iPhone (in my case, a 15 Pro) to capture organic video and/or photos. Then, within 24 hours — because of the format of content — they can deliver a full album (+ a highlight video!) so the couple can relive the memories. Talk about instant gratification, amirite?

While I did secure a fabulous professional photographer for my wedding day, I also wanted a content queen to capture the unposed and candid BTS moments so that I didn’t have to wait 6-12 weeks to relive the memories. After a tireless and seemingly unsuccessful search for someone in Columbus, Ohio that could follow my fiancé and I around with my iPhone all day, I decided to become that someone for future couples.

Wedding Days With Dania offers content creation for couples in Columbus, Ohio and beyond. Think of Dania as your personal hypewoman, visual storyteller and fly on the wall at your wedding.

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Featured image courtesy of Queen Anne’s Lace + Kismet Visuals in Columbus, Ohio

4 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Content Creator

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